Jon Snow is an actor and writer, but he is first and foremost the survivor of both a cult, and of sexual abuse.


Raised primarily in St. Louis, Missouri, Jon grew up with his parents and three siblings. His strict upbringing played a huge role in Jon’s life, shaping the world for him, particularly in his early years. That experience continues to impact Jon and the work he creates.


Growing up in the church, Jon heard countless preachers say that we all have a calling.  Jon’s calling, despite his own meanderings, seemed to be for acting and writing.


As a young man, Jon thought little of acting.  In fact, all he ever wanted was a grounded and humble little dream to come to fruition that would see him following in the footsteps of his childhood hero, Michael Jordan, allowing him to play basketball in the NBA.


Acting, however, had other ideas.  After high school, Jon auditioned for SMU in Dallas on a whim, and to his surprise, SMU Meadows School of
the Arts extended not only an invitation, but a mostly paid for education to boot.


After a somewhat tumultuous college career, Jon found himself in Los Angeles, full of desire and bluster, but short on strategy. 15 years were spent wandering, learning, and fighting his own fears of success and rejection. Something had to change. 

Jon has since thrown himself fully and whole-heartedly into the business of acting. Through hustle and hard work, Jon was able to find a way to become a reader for multiple casting offices around Los Angeles. Having been a participant in over 7,000 auditions to date, Jon has since begun teaching other actors the insights he has gleaned during his time as a reader.

What Jon is most proud of is his work in developing a one-man show highlighting the experiences of growing up in a cult and being a survivor of sexual abuse. 

Today, as he pursues his dream of acting, and giving back to his fellow actors, Jon's larger mission is to continue to find ways to use his voice and his story to help others find their voice, to tell their stories and find their own healing.

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